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GEAR – Guitars

This is the gear list of one of our guitarists, Micah Nicols. He plays most weekends at Elevation Church and played at our Uptown Christmas.

08′ Bill Nash T-63 Telecaster (Jason Lollar pickups)
04′ Gibson Les Paul Classic


Dr. Z Prescription RX (Pre-ES) Head
76′ Fender Bassman 50w Head
Badcat 2×12 Extension Cab w/ 50w Celestion Alnico Gold & 25w Celestion Greenback
Avatar 2×12 Extension Cab w/ Eminence Legacy speakers
Oldfield Honky Tonk D’Lux 1×12 Combo (15w Weber Alnico Blue Dog speaker) www.oldfieldtubeamps.com
59′ Silvertone 2×12 Combo

Pedals (in chain order from input-to-output):
Keeley 4-Knob Compressor
Electro-Harmonix Micro Pog
Menatone Red-Snapper Clone (by Dan Burgess at T1M)
Exotic Effects BB Preamp
Paul Cochrane Timmy
Fulltone OCD
Ernie Ball Volume Jr. (w/ a Boss TU-2 Tuner in tow)
04′ Electro-Harmonix Deluxe Memory Man
Boss DD-5
Boss RV-5
Boss DD-20
(All powered by a Jim Dunlop Brick)

10 Responses to “GEAR – Guitars”

  1. Mat Tomlinson says:

    That’s some really great equipment you’ve got kickin’ there, man!

    I think you meant Jason Lollar pickups in that Nash T, right?

    Would you mind telling us which head you play through which cab and why?

    What made you decide to use the POG second in order?

    Thanks very much in advance,

  2. Jonathan Ayala says:

    it’s never enough with you guitarists!-)

  3. Hoard says:

    Mat it’s so it tracks correctly. Ya want it after the tuner so it’s brain gets clean information.

  4. Micah says:

    Hey Mat!
    My first choice is generally the Dr. Z head through the Badcat 2×12 cab … I like how the El84 power tube section of the Z interacts with the Alnico Gold and Greenback speakers … crunchy and precise.
    I like running the POG second in my chain so that it remains punchy through the overdrives … in my experience, running it later in the chain overloads the sub-octave a little too much if I want to stack a few overdrive pedals.
    Also, sidenote … by “tuner in tow” I meant that I have my tuner running into my volume pedal through the designated tuner-input (so it’s not actually in my chain)
    Also, Hoard is my guitar hero … :)

  5. Stefan Brooks says:

    I was watching some of the videos and i noticed a guy with a sea green telecaster with p90s. I was wondering if i could possibly get the specs on that. Thanks and keep up the great work

  6. Chris says:

    Stefan, that’s actually an Elliot guitar…you can check it here. http://www.elliottguitarsnc.com

  7. Jordan says:

    @micah, what cab do you generally use for the bassman head?

  8. Micah says:

    Hey Jordan,

    Lately I’ve been running the bassman through the avatar 2×12 cab w/ eminence legacy speakers … they break up nicely with a saturated crunch.
    However, it sounds killer through the badcat cab as well … the alnico gold gives more of a round/sparkly crunch.

  9. Jordan says:


    When you say “Eminence Legacy” speakers, what exact model are they? I can’t find any “Legacy” models on the Eminence website. Any help would be great. Thanks!

  10. Ben says:


    I am going to be a freshman in college in the fall, and had some questions about guitar gear. I have a Fender 65 Reissue Twin Reverb amp, but am wanting to get a smaller amp to bring up to college. I have my sights on getting a Fender NOS Blues Junior…is that a good choice or would you recommend anything else? I’m also looking at getting some new pedals. I have an Ernie Ball Jr. Volume Pedal, Korg Pitchblack tuner, Boss DD-20, Boss BD-2 Bluesdriver, and a Fulltone OCD. What are some other “essential” pedals that I should buy for my pedalboard? And I am looking to replace my BD-2 with a different overdrive…I’m wanting to stack my OCD with a different overdrive. Is there a good overdrive pedal that you would recommend to go with my OCD? Thanks so much for all you do in our city, I really look up to you and the Elevation worship team!

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