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About a year ago, Pastor Steven called Wade, Mack and myself into his office to watch “Remember The Titans.” It wasn’t because of our love for the great All-American sport.  Actually, we only watched a scene or two.  The ones where Denzel was delivering a tear-inducing motivational speech.  Why, you ask?  Well, Pastor Steven had a brilliant idea – musical soundtracks accompany entire movies and TV shows.  It serves to enhance the dialogue, right? Why not use them in our worship experiences?

So he commissioned us to create original epic musical scores or soundtracks that would accompany his sermons. Specifically the first 10-15 minutes of his sermon as well as the closing portion of his sermon.  An intro and an outro. These tracks needed to be melodic, hopeful, epic, but at the same time “light” enough as not to draw too much attention to themselves and off of God’s word spoken through Pastor.  We knew just who to turn to.  Aaron Robertson has played keys with us for a couple of years now, and is one of the most prolific composers I’ve ever worked with.  He’s 22 and he’s a got a gift to write beautiful music. So for almost a year, Aaron’s created soundtracks that are series-specific to what we’re going through as a church.

And these soundtracks have served beautifully for Pastor’s sermons.  To be honest, I’d wager that 15% of the people in the worship experience are actually aware that there’s a soundtrack behind Pastor, but that’s kind of the purpose.  We wouldn’t want to put anything distracting behind Pastor’s preaching, but instead create more of a “bed” of music to enhance it. (and no, I’m not making any theological statements about God’s Word needing enhancement of any kind. It’s, of course, all powerful by itself).

I think this idea was brilliant.  I love that we’re doing it.  I love the tone it sets. And I thought you might like to hear just a couple of the tracks from our past series’. Click on the link below to listen to the audio. Enjoy!

Come Home Week 1 Outro
Kill Switch Week 1 Invitational

13 Responses to “Soundtracks”

  1. TJ says:

    Does he perform these live? If not, what made you decide not to do them live?

  2. Phil Poteat says:

    GREAT idea! The question is, when will these soundtracks be available on your shared resources site? Love the creativity you guys bring to the table, thanks for being up for sharing your great ideas and spurring on others!

  3. Chris says:

    @TJ, Aaron doesn’t perform these live. He tracks everything prior to the worship experience, then we just simply fire these soundtracks from an ipod. Honestly, the reason we don’t have him perform them live is that there’s really no reason for him to do them live vs. recorded. Also, we want to have minimal distractions on stage while Pastor Steven is preaching, so this prevents any of that.

  4. Chris says:

    @Phil, thanks man, we love being a resource and doing what we can. At this point, we won’t be able to offer these on our resources site however, because we have a contract set up with Aaron in which he owns the rights to all this music he’s creating, so we don’t have rights to distribute it. However, this is what Aaron does for a living, so I’d feel free to contact him if you’d like, and I’m sure he’d love to work with you guys as well.

  5. James says:

    This is awesome! I want these to listen too while I edit photos and work on homework!

  6. Phil Poteat says:

    Thanks Chris, I’d love to get his contact info for future reference. My email address is phil@watersedgechurch.net Thanks again for all that you guys are doing!!

  7. Jenn says:

    I loved those tracks! They were beautiful! You guys are very blessed/talented.

  8. Wow! I just listened to the first track while I spent my personal time with God, and it really adds a different atmosphere when reading Scripture. And having the second track while praying is incredible, it seemed to create a more intimate setting while spending time talking with Him. And it wasn’t distracting either. I loved it Wow! God is good :)

    Thank you for sharing.

  9. Marc Naugler says:

    Nice stuff. It has always been or practice to come out and play something behind Pastor at the closing of his message. This takes it to another level. I’m going to bring this idea to my team and see what they think. Also, great post on creativity in planning worship. I’m going to send that the other guys that lead with me at Real Life. Thanks for sharing.

  10. Dave Matherly says:

    Late response…sorry. I had noticed the background music during service and loved it. It really does set the mood and settle me into the message. When I listened to the 2 cuts my first thought was….WOW…I wish they would put this on a CD and sell it. I would buy it asap as an amazing devotional/meditational CD. It is incredible. Thanks for explaining this Chris and Aaron is doing a God Inspiring job with this music. You guys ROCK. Thanks so much.

  11. is there any contact info for aaron – i would like to see if i could purchase any of these or another instrumental cd hes created. so for the late response.

  12. Michael says:

    Hey there everyone, I feel like I’m a bit late the party here but I would be very interested in contacting Aaron about these loops and such. Would it be possible for someone to pass on Aaron’s contact information?

    Thank you all so much,


  13. Hi everyone. First, I’d like several more of these please. Let me know where I can find them.

    Second, I’ve started speaking over them and recording it. You can find them at the links below.


    Jonathan Wilson

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